Ally Faller is Earth Lab’s Social Media and Science Communications intern, which means that she writes and edits blog posts, does advertising and graphic design, and manages social media accounts. She mostly works with the Earth Lab Education program, though her blog posts and social media presence allows her to interact with many of the different projects happening at Earth Lab. Ally has written a number of blog posts for the website, as well as designed and created many social media and digital advertisements for various programs and events. She is responsible for Earth Lab’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. 

Ally is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, with a double major in TAM Engineering and English, Creative Writing. She also has a business minor. Previous to working with Earth Lab, she worked with a small marketing and management firm that specialized in athletic brands. Ally has spent time as a tutor, coach, and barista. She enjoys cycling, running, skiing, and most other outdoor pursuits.