Risk and decision analysis provide frameworks for discovery and application to help society manage current and future climate risks and opportunities.

Our goals:

  • Integrate climate science, impact science, and risk assessment into a climate adaptation science strategy
  • Pursue science questions at the climate-resource-society interface
  • Better assess climate risk and vulnerabilities----especially with the goal of strengthening the ¬†quantification of climate risk and analysis of adaptation options
  • Inform decisions to reduce losses and take opportunities in a variable climate


Project Lead

A changing environment offers risk and opportunity. We explore ways to use weather and climate information, from short-term weather forecasts to long-term climate projects, to make better adaptation decisions.

Project Lead

We developed the Drought, Ranching, and Insurance Response (DRIR) model as the enterprise calculator of a decision tool for applying sub-seasonal forage forecasts to range livestock grazing management.

Project Lead

The Climate Coupling project seeks to measure the strength of coupling between climate drivers and social-environmental systems and to explain those measurements as a function of management interventions.

Recent Work

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