We envision a world where environmental scientists can use cutting-edge data analytics to explore global environmental change using big data through a diverse range of perspectives.

We democratize access and use of cutting-edge data analytics using domain expertise in global environmental change by partnering with environmental scientists in academia and industry (public and private) to:

  1. Collect drone data
  2. Curate novel data from social sensing and across scales
  3. Apply novel analytics approaches (machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, bayesian and frequentist statistics)
  4. Develop software packages to facilitate broader use of Earth Data Science
  5. Leverage and inform open, scalable cyberinfrastructure

This enables use of cutting-edge data science to explore global environmental change as it relates to Earth Lab key science focii.

Are you a faculty member or researcher at CU Boulder?

Join Earth Lab as an affiliate and propose a project of mutual interest and let's write a proposal together to get funding.


Are you a postdoc at CU Boulder already?

We cultivate a strong cohort of postdocs working on aspects of global environmental change, both physical and social, to inspire and incubate interdisciplinary ideas, as well as provide mentoring and training opportunities.  You can participate in workshops and trainings and collaborate on cross-cutting projects.


Are you a graduate student?

On a rotating basis we have Graduate Research Assistantships related to our key focus areas (please contact project leads for more information). We also offer trainings and workshops that are open to all.


Are you an undergrad?

We are always looking for great interns to work with faculty mentors on our different science projects (please contact project leads or look at our internship opportunities). 

Collaborate with us.

Work with us to identify problems and questions related to environmental change or commercial opportunities that emerge from data-rich opportunities and research frontiers.


Do you have environmental data or an analytical challenge that you want us to explore?

We have had several successful examples of this type of collaboration.  Check out these projects as examples of adding value to the Earth observing enterprise:  the Tap Lab collaboration, the Ball Aerospace collaboration, the DigitalGlobe partnership and the Newmont Mining partnership


Do you have funding to use for a sponsored research project?

Other ways to engage with Earth Lab include sponsoring Earth Lab research or co-sponsoring a postdoc or graduate student to do novel, innovative science.  Reach out to us if you have a project idea.

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