I am a computational biologist with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the US Department of Agriculture.  I have a Master of Science in Rangeland Ecosystem Science from Colorado State University.  I started my career supervising teams to collect field research data from the Central Plains Experimental Range, an ARS USDA research site in the rangelands of eastern Colorado. During the off-season for field sampling, I learned how to manage data by taking classes in database design, human-computer interaction, qualitative research methods, and now scientific programming in the Earth Data Analytics professional certificate program. I am most interested in developing efficient workflows for managing and integrating field-based and sensor-based data and working with my colleagues to learn and apply new skills to make science more efficient, effective, open, and reproducible.  I am interested in programmatically producing a series of visualizations of data to inform science-based rangeland management decisions within a collaborative experiment on the CPER that seeks to meet objectives for both agricultural production and conservation.  My project will create an efficient workflow and present scientists and stakeholders with multiple plots and maps to support their collaborative decision-making. 

Nicole's Certificate Project