I have a Ph.D. as an atmospheric chemist and savvy data scientist Stable Isotope Laboratory, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California. (https://github.com/shaheen19). I enjoy exploring the interactions of molecules in the air and how they continue their journey through different phases in the atmosphere-biosphere-hydrosphere and geosphere. I joined the University of Colorado, Boulder, Earth Lab’s Data Science program to learn satellite data processing using GIS and python tools and have joined the company of Open Science Scholars to make knowledge accessible to everyone and to encourage building upon the existing knowledge. I love teaching earth system science and chemistry. I encourage curiosity and novel ways of thinking in my students. I inspire them to think of nature as an open book exam, and with some unique blend of curiosity, perseverance, and detective insights, one can learn a lot from mother nature. My goal is to understand the impact of human activities on the earth’s natural cycles such as El-Nino Southern Oscillations. I believe, If we understand this complex dance between the atmosphere and hydrosphere, we can plan for a resilient future and mitigate disaster. I grew up with my grandparents whom I admire as my greatest teachers for encouraging curiosity and love for nature.

Robina's Certificate Project