Anna is a graduate research assistant in Earth Lab’s Analytics Hub, working on the drone team surveying forests. Anna is comparing flight parameters to find the best for drone surveying of forests, refining best practices for drone workflows for scientists, and contributing to a review describing what plant traits can be derived from drone measurements.

 Anna is a Ph.D. student in Ecology at CU Boulder, working with Drs. Kendi Davies and Brett Melbourne. Anna is a community ecologist studying habitat fragmentation in a temperate Eucalyptus forest in SE Australia. Anna’s dissertation work uses remote sensing and ecological forecasting to address the following questions:

  1. How does habitat fragmentation change forest structure?

  2. How does forest structure drive species distributions and ecosystem function?

 In her free time, Anna enjoys playing board games and recreating in the mountains. Note the shirt in Anna’s picture covered in prominent female scientists (#thatothershirt)

GitHub: annaspiers

Twitter: @SpiersAnna

Drones are revolutionizing the way natural scientists measure their study systems. We are researching how measurements from small remote sensing drones, aka uncrewed aerial systems (UAS), can complement existing data to answer environmental questions in new ways.