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The Midwest Big Data Innovations Hub & Data for Good for Education

EDS Seminar Speaker Series. Karl Schmitt, John MacMullen, and J.D. Graham discuss the The Midwest Big Data Innovations Hub & Data for Good for Education

Title: The Midwest Big Data Innovations Hub & Data for Good for Education
Speakers: Karl Schmitt, Trinity Christian College, John MacMullen, Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub, & J.D. Graham, Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub.

Abstract: The Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub (MBDH) is a collaborative network that brings together stakeholders from academia, industry, & government to advance data-driven research and innovation in the Midwestern United States. MBDH provides a platform for sharing resources, expertise, and best practices, with the goal of accelerating scientific discovery and innovation across a wide range of fields, including agriculture, energy, health, transportation, & more. With this in mind, the MBDH & Trinity Christian College's Karl Schmitt will be talking about the Data for Good for Education (D4G4ED) webinar. This workshop offers a unique professional development opportunity for instructors who are interested in incorporating social good projects into their classrooms. Through D4G4ED, instructors will learn how to engage their students in meaningful projects that promote social good, preparing them to become ethical and socially responsible data practitioners.

Speaker Bios:
Karl Schmitt is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Trinity Christian College. Dr. Schmitt's research interests include data science education, human-computer interaction, and visual analytics. Dr. Schmitt is also actively involved in promoting data science education and outreach, as in the Workshop Data for Good for Education.​

John MacMullen is the Executive Director of the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub (MBDH), a collaborative network of stakeholders from academia, industry, and government focused on advancing data-driven research and innovation in the Midwest. With over two decades of experience in the technology industry, he has been a strong advocate for technology education, serving as a mentor and advisor to students pursuing careers in technology. In his current role, Dr. MacMullen works to promote data literacy and advance data-driven innovation across the Midwest through a variety of programs and initiatives.​

J.D. Graham is the Outreach and Engagement Specialist for the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub (MBDH). Mr. Graham leads the development and implementation of MBDH's strategic initiatives, partnerships, and outreach efforts. He has extensive experience in designing and delivering training and professional development programs for diverse audiences, ranging from undergraduate students to industry professionals.